NOTE: A monthly dance is starting in Huntsville on fourth Saturdays.
See our schedule page for more information.

Our NEXT DANCE will be on
Saturday, February 7, 2015 (*)
---- Note: second Saturday ----
from 7 to 10 pm at the Unitarian Church,
305 Wellborn Road, in College Station.

Map and Directions

Callers: Lorraine Puckhaber, Rosie and Stan Swanson
Band: Jalapeno Honey

Join us for a fun evening!
Come promptly to get beginner's instruction in the first hour.
Dress casually with comfortable shoes.

Suggested donation $5 per adult, (students $3, and we have a family discount).
FREE for first-time dancers, so bring your friends!

Normal schedule is first Saturdays, 7 to 10 pm,
  may be irregular in the Fall when we have to dodge A&M football games.

Detailed Schedule for Local Dances and Special Events in Texas
 (*) If the "NEXT" dance date is past, check this schedule for information.

Resident caller (when we can't get outstanding visiting talent):
   --- Lorraine Puckhaber from Bryan, assisted by Rosie and Stan Swanson

More info: call 979-846-4504, or e-mail stan DOT 2 DOT swanson AT tamu DOT edu
Map and Directions

Our local bands, Jalapeno Honey and ContraDiction , play frequently.

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