Summary and Piece counts for "select.dances", based on "select-dict.txt" and "select-stat.txt"

title author type summary _ pieces pieces _ synopsissort
Sample Dance anony mous Io-L4, W ch; hey; P bal_sw; o-L3, ring_b, pass#67 oc;h;s;orp;1
20 Below Bill Olson Bo_wv-Lx3, bal_wv, new >walk_wv-f; bal_wv, N sw; M a-L6, hey2; P bal_sw#77 www;ws;ah;s;2
The Baby Rose David Kaynor IN bal_sw; o-L3, P dsd; P bal_sw; W ch, *-L#6ez6 s;od;s;c*;3
Barton Springs Alive D_Rempert (mod) IN dsd, N sw; o-L, M a-L6; P gyp_sw; o-L3, ring_b, P catw#8int8 ds;oa;s;orc;4
Becket Reel Herbie Gaudreau B2S a-L, P sw; W ch-b; -L\, r&l, -x, r&l; *-L, *-bR#6F5 as;c;XrXr;**;5
The Big Easy Becky Hill Ibal_o, N sw; llfb, W a-L6; P bal_sw; o-L3, bal_pass#6ez7 os;la;s;op;6
Blackbird Pie Joseph Pimentel Idown, alone turn, ret, bend; o-L, *-L; W zz, M dsd; ll, 1 sw#7ez7 dtrb;o*;zd;ls;7
Butter Gene Hubert B^slide-L, nextC o-L3, N sw; llfb, W ch; hey; P bal_sw#6int7 ^os;lc;h;s;8
Canyon Contra Don Armstrong IN dsd, 2 dsd; 1 bal_sw; down, alone turn, ret, ; o-L, *-L#6ez5 dd;s;dtrX;o*;9
Carpet Vectors Robert Cromartie IN bal_sw; o-L, W ch-x; o-R, W ch-b; llfb, 1 sw#7int7 s;oc;oc;ls;10
Cats and More Cats Melanie Axel-Lute Bo-L3, pass-+, N a-R5, wv, W -out; wv_bal-rl, ^slide-R, wv_bal-lr, ^slide-L; N bal_sw; o-L3, P sw#7int9 opawX;b^b^;s;os;11
Chama River Reel Merri Rudd IN gyp_sw; llfb, M a-L6; P bal_sw; prom2, o-L3, pass#7ez7 s;la;s;pop;12
Cherokee Shuffle David Kaynor IN dsd, o-L; ring_b, N sw; M pullby-Lx, P sw; o-L3, ring_b, catw#7int9 do;rs;ps;orc;13
Chorus Jig Traditional P1 -dout, ret; 1 -dctr, alone turn, ret, ^cast; cc; 1 bal_sw, -u#4F4 Xr;Xtr^;c;sX;14
Chuck the Budgie Rick Mohr IM a-L, N sw; o-L3, P sw; llfb, W a-R6, wv-x; wv_bal-lr, N a_wv-L3, wv_bal-rl, newN a-R3#10int10 as;os;law;bwba;15
Cranky Ingenuity Bill Olson Io-L, C dsd; N dsd, N sw; M a-L6, P sw; o-L3, ring_b, catw#8int9 od;ds;as;orc;16
Delphiniums & Daisies Tanya Rotenburg IN a-L6, W ch; hey, W -Rctr; P bal_sw; o-L3, N a-R6#6ez7 ac;hX;s;oa;17
Dog Branch Reel Bob Dalsemer IN dsd, 1 sw; down, alone turn, ret, bend; o-L, N sw; llfb, 2 sw, -u#7ez7 ds;dtrb;os;lsX;18
Dud s Delight S_English D_Sieb.IN dsd, N sw; , M -fb; W ch-x, W ch-b; o-L, *-L#6ez5 ds;XX;cc;o*;19
Ellen s Yarns Rick_MohrBr&l, *-L; W ch-R\, W ch-x; ring_b, pet_turn, ring_b, pet_turn; P bal_sw#7int6 r*;cc;rtrt;s;20
Evil Duane Erik_Weberg Ibal_wv-rl, ^slide-R, bal_wv-lr, ^slide-L; P bal_sw; gv_tk, N sw; ring_b, P ^roll-x, o-L2, next pass_wv#6int9 w^w^;s;gs;r^ow;21
Gypsy Squared Mike Richardson P1 gyp, 1 sw, -d; o-L, N dsd; N gyp, N sw, -x; llfb, 1 h_f8#6ez8 gsX;od;gsX;lh;22
Hey! Who s in the Mid. Tom Caldwell IN a-R, bal_wv-R, a-L4; N bal_sw; M a-L6, P sw; W ch-x, hey2, W -R, nextN #7ez8 awa;s;as;chXX;23
Joyride Erik Weberg IN gyp, N mad; h_pous, hey2, M -L; M , passby-L, P sw; W ch, nextN *-L#8int9 gm;hhX;Xps;c*;24
ONS Contra (mod) Ed_Butenhof modIllfb, P dsd; N sw; o-L, o-R; *-R, *-L#5ez5 ld;s;oo;**;25
Petronella Traditional Ppet, pet; pet, pet; 1 -d, alone turn, ret_^cast; r&l, -b#5F4 pp;pp;Xt^;rX;26
Rolling and Tumbling Cis Hinkle IN bal_sw; -fb, NW ^roll, -fb, M ^roll; W a-R6, P sw; W ch, *-L#6ez6 s;X^X^;as;c*;27
Simplicity Swing Becky Hill IN bal_sw; o-L3, P sw; , W ch; *-L, newN dsd#7ez6 s;os;Xc;*d;28
Tecumseh Dillon Buston I21 h_f8-u, 2 sw; o-L, o-R; 12 h_f8-d, 1 sw, -d; down, -d, -bu, 1 ^arch, 2 #6ez7 hs;oo;hsX;dXX^X;29
What's to Doubt? Luke Donev InewN bal_sw; mad, hey2, M -Lctr; hey2, M -L, W rico, P sw; M a-L4, W orb2, N a-R7#7int11 s;mhX;hXrs;aoa;30
Whirlpool Ann Sarmiento Br&l, W ch; o-R4, turn2, nextN o-L3; hey, W passby-R; P bal_sw#6int7 rc;oto;hp;s;31
Zippity Do Da Mike Head IN bal_sw; o-L, 1 h_f8, -u; cc; 1 bal_sw, -d#5int5 s;ohX;c;sX;32